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Exhibitions and Events

7 Apr 2022


Leeds Corn Exchange

Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BR  

9th/10th April 22

Sat/ Sun

10am to 5pm  

The weekend of the weekend 9th April shall see the opening of The Sculpture Gallery in Leeds Corn Exchange.

This is a joint venture in setting up a dynamic new gallery specialising in sculpture and  I shall be showing a range of work both old and new alongside five other amazing sculptors. The six of us shall have work on display and, in addition, we shall be presenting guest artists to ensure that there continues to be new, fresh and interesting work constantly on exhibition. The works is a diverse mix of style, themes and material ranging across stone, wood and mixed media, all displayed in the glorious surroundings of this unique new Gallery, set on the balcony of the stunning Leeds Corn Exchange.

This iconic, landmark building, in the heart of Leeds is fast becoming a hub for Artists and Independents, and The Sculpture Gallery makes a significant contribution to this lively and engaging part of the city.

Have a look at some of the work by the following artists... 

Johnny Sunter

David Iredale

Mandy Long

Steve Williams

Penelope Pendle Hayes

2022 Open Exhibition
Ferens Art Gallery

Saturday 19 February - Monday 2 May 2022  

Queen Victoria Square, Carr Ln, Hull, HU1 3RA 

The annual Open Exhibition at the Ferens Art Gallery has celebrated the creativity of local amateur and professional artists since 1967. Each year the Open Exhibition provides an exciting opportunity for artists to display and sell artwork. Visitors can expect to see a fascinating array of artwork including impressive paintings, photography and textiles, as well as a number of striking sculptures and ceramics, most of which will be for sale.  

I was extremely pleased to find out that both of my sculptures Filtered #1 and #3 have been accepted into the Ferens open exhibition 2022. This is especially important to me as (I’m pretty sure that) the Feren’s Gallery was the first art gallery I ever stepped foot in. I remember staring in awe at the painting Mr Great Heart by Peter Howson, familiar from the Beautiful South cover of the album Quench, I was captivated by the detail, texture and general presence of the piece.

I love the creative scene in Hull and as a student practically lived in the legendary Adelphi club to watch local bands and musicians stand proud and belt out their sets to open and friendly audiences.

Hull has a rich artistic history and I’m so chuffed to have an opportunity to be part of that… albeit for six weeks 😊   

TO BE - An Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture by PJ Donnelly

Oasis School of Human Relations.

Hall Mews, Clifford Road, Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, LS23 6DT, UK  

3rd Dec 21 : 10-4pm

4th Dec 21 : 10-3pm

“To be or not to be?” Stands out as one of the most famous lines written by Shakespeare.

Like so many examples in history, the true meaning of this line is often overlooked through over-familiarity or parody. This powerful line depicting Hamlet’s great dilemma poses an additional underlying philosophy, what it means “to be”.. or to exist. Within this exhibition I attempt to explore the many complexities associated with existence and the impact on the human psyche.

Through the medium of ceramic sculpture, I explore the varied states of human emotion. These pieces depict a spectrum covering sadness, joy, fear, bravery and the impact of modern existence upon our mental health. 

The pieces acknowledge the limitations of human facial expression and the fact that true internal feelings and emotions are much deeper and complex than a smile or a frown.

To achieve this, I welcome the observer into the timeless and at times bizarre world of these figures. This selection of small dioramas and portraits are designed to prompt questions from the observer, and more importantly, encourage them to question their own thoughts and emotions    

Sculpture Show North Exhibition  22nd to 31st October 2021

Leeds Corn Exchange

Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BR  

Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm  

Sundays 10:30 to 4:30

I shall be presenting six pieces at this event alongside many other sculptors.


A Sculpture Exhibition, set in the iconic Corn Exchange in the very heart of Leeds, this beautiful building will play host to an exhibition, perfectly set within Yorkshire’s Sculpture Triangle. 

As a spotlight, focussing purely on sculpture, Sculpture Show North will shine a light on the hand-made work of 16 local, national and international sculptors. Over ten days, from the 22nd to 31st October 2021, the exhibition will feature work created in materials as diverse as stone and wood, ceramics and metal.

Many of the artists will be on site at times throughout the show, giving one the opportunity to not only enjoy the work up close but to discuss the creative process with the artists themselves. All the artwork will be available for purchase, giving you the opportunity to own a purely unique piece of art, or of course, with Christmas only eight weeks away, a present for a loved one?

We are also showcasing the creative talents of Vision Support Harrogate District at the show. This group of visually impaired artists (led by the talented ceramic sculptor Kay Latto) will be exhibiting (and selling!) their amazing creations.

Sculpture Show North would very much like to thank Leeds Inspired for their help in funding this exhibition.

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