PJ Donnelly Sculpture

PJ Donnelly Sculpture


Ceramic Sculpture

The Arrival (2021)

The Arrival is a ceramic piece representing the human tendency to fear the unknown. I wanted this sculpture to convey both sides of this relationship and for the viewer to make their own judgements about this scenario and the intentions and motivation of those involved.

Ceramic Stoneware and oxides. Additional acrylic and shellac detail and dried flowers.

Wooden Base on steel pins

220 x 390 x 390mm Inc base

Neutral Buoyancy (2021) 

Neutral Buoyancy is a suspended ceramic piece devised and constructed during lockdown. The piece consists of ceramic components linked using wire and brass bullet joints. The sculpture represents how extreme conflicting forces can result in a motionless state.

Ceramic Stoneware with oxides and string. Suspended and fixed using steel wire and brass bullet joints.

Wooden Base

510 x 200 x 150mm Inc base

Living with Judith (2021)

Living with Judith is a ceramic stoneware piece fired using a basic oxide wash provide a sepia effect finish. In essence, Living with Judith is a parody of a traditional family portrait. I really wanted to try to demonstrate that the true nature of a family can't simply be recorded through forced smiles and awkward pose.

190mm/ 160mm

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